Over 80 percent of Americans will deal with a bout of lower back pain in their lifetime. In most cases, the strained muscles can recover in a few days with conservative treatments. If appropriate treatment does not occur, and the muscle pain continues, it can become chronic. It will only worsen without making the changes to the body with physical therapy, weight loss, posture changes, or altering the physical demands on the lower back. Sadly, as many as 15 percent of the population suffer from chronic lower back pain due to more serious conditions. The source of the pain can come from a disk issue that presses on nerves that run down the leg. Degenerative conditions or damage from an injury to bones and joints may explain the a patients back pain.

Acupuncture offers hope to patients that are dealing with a muscular issue that needs physical therapy and targeted fiber releasing massage. All experts agree that acupuncture is a great compliment to this, but it does not offer a long term solution to lower back problem. Just like medication, it is temporary and needs to be repeated when the effects wear off. It won't fix anything, but it does alter the neurological response and reaction to pain. It helps nerve signals flow better, and breaks up the pain cycle with the muscles. Needles in the trigger points help to complete a healthier circuit.

Acupuncture opens a window of opportunity to a back pain suffer, and allows them to more comfortably take action to pursue a sustainable permanent solution. If a patient has a case of reversible back pain, that can be remedied by exercises and lifestyle changes, then they must do what it takes to accomplish that. A patient may find relief from medications, massage, and acupuncture, but it is critical that they don't become complacent when they feel the relief. The pain will return unless the muscles become stronger and healthier. With or without acupuncture, poor body posture and levels of physical activity will doom a patient to ongoing chronic pain.

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