Lower back pain is a pain that extend anywhere from your natural waist to the beginning of the curve of your back. It may start out as an occasional thing, but if it is left unchecked and unheeded, it can cause a great deal of pain in your life. Take a look at some of these causes of lower back pain and figure out whether your life is causing you some pain problems.

Shoulder Bags
Some people carry heavy purses, and many people carry their heavy laptops or tablets in bags slung over their shoulders. A heavy bag carried across the shoulders can translate to a pain that is transferred straight to the lower back to the spine. If you carry a bag that is on the weighty side, consider switching to a backpack that is carried evenly across your shoulders.

When you sit up straight, your back muscles are relaxed and carrying the weight the way that they should be. When you slouch, however, you are creating a situation where your body is bent at crooked angles and where it has trouble supporting you. If you crouch in front of your computer, if you have to sit crookedly at your desk or if you are spending a lot of time watching television on a couch that is too soft, you need to sit up straight!

Heavy Lifting
If your job requires a lot of heavy lifting, you are putting a lot of stress on your body in general, but it is your lower back that is bearing the brunt of the damage. Heavy lifting leads to conditions like herniated discs and sciatica, and over time, it will take its toll. Remember to lift with your knees not with your back, and always be willing to be safe when it comes to carrying things from point A to point B.

Your Bed
Though doctors have been telling us for years that a firm mattress is best, the truth is that new evidence is emerging that states that a firmer mattress can be a real problem for someone who is dealing with lower back pain. If your mattress is relatively firm, think about switching to a softer bed. This can take care of many problems. Also, if your bed is simply old in general, worn springs and padding can take a real toll on how your back feels.

Take care of your lower back and make sure that you know what might be giving you issues!

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