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Home Remedies for Back Pain
As we age, back pain often becomes more common and more severe. Old injuries have a way of resurfacing as chronic back pain if they do not properly heal during the initial onset. Sometimes we have back pain after overexerting ourselves doing chores, manual labor or yard work. Many people experience back pain as a result of having bad posture for years or even decades. Many people are surprised to learn that the failure to sit up straight in their youth could result in so much pain as an adult! Luckily, there are several different home remedies available that have helped many people overcome their chronic back pain.

Natural Herbs
There are many inexpensive herbs available that can help relieve back pain whenever it occurs. Some of the most effective cures include garlic, ginger, basil leaves and wheat. Popeye seeds twice a day with a glass of milk has helped reduce back pain for many people. Ginger can be applied directly to the back as a paste or it can be consumed in tea to help reduce the pain. Basil can also be steeped in water and is effective in treating severe back pain when taken twice each day. There are several different types of natural oils that can be used to relieve chronic or acute pain in the back.

Oils and Nutrients
Some of the most popular choices include coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, olive oil and almond oil. Warming the oil first before it is massaged into the back is often the best option. Garlic is also extremely effective in reducing back pain. A few garlic cloves ingested each morning can provide some relief throughout the day. Some people make their own garlic oil at home by frying several garlic cloves in coconut oil until they have browned. Once the garlic oil cools down, it can be massaged into the back for relief. Capsaicin cream, commonly referred to as capsicum cream, and wheat both have analgesic properties that can help reduce pain in the back as well.

Identifying the cause of the back pain may be the most important step towards finding a solution. Aside from poor posture-- obesity, living a sedentary lifestyle and periods of prolonged sitting are all significant contributors to developing long-term back pain. Some of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce back pain without rushing off to the local market include massage therapy, exercise, stretching or yoga.

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