Homeopathic Treatment

Lower back pain can cause a number of effects aside from the pain itself, potentially making living your everyday life or enjoying restful sleep difficult, if not impossible. While there is no silver bullet answer to solving back pain, there are some methods that could assist in relieving the pain.

Depending on individual body’s reaction to the use of pharmaceutical medication, the pain can sometimes worsen, causing increase in pain sensitivity and reliance on the medication to the level of addiction, while also slowing the body’s healing response.

Homeopathy, in most cases, has been more effective in relieving back pain in patients than even physical therapy. Some remedies that work well for muscular spasm or internal injury from heavy lifting or falling, include Hypericum and Arnica montana. Arnica and Bellis Per work effectively when there is a trauma or injury stimulating blood supply to effected areas. Bellis Per is usually used for more chronic injury or pain problems.

Posture while standing or sitting can also cause back pain. While the pain may seem similar in nature, the ways in treating it are not necessarily the same. If the problem is your posture, then you will most likely feel the pain more severely while standing after sitting or while sitting for an extended period of time. If posture is the potential source of pain, some of the remedies that might be of benefit would be Sulphur, Rhus Tox and Aesculus. If the pain increases when moving, these remedies might not work the best, however remedies such as Byronia could work well. Byronia is recommended when the pain gets worse to the point where you can barely move. Changing position, walking or turning can cause excruciating pain. Byronia is very useful for back pain caused by a long-bed ridden illness or a serious injury.

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