The lower back is made up of muscles, tendons, soft tissues, nerves, spinal discs and small and complex joints. An irritation with any of these structures can cause lower back pain or radiating pain that travel to other parts of the body. When pain generates from this area, it can become chronic. Symptoms of lower back pain can vary depending on the location of pain.

Hip or Pelvis Pain
Some people may experience lower back pain that spreads into the hips or pelvis. The SI joint is located between the pelvic bones and at the bottom part of the spine. An aching in the SI joints could be a sign of a mechanical disorder and usually occurs because of lack of mobility. A pinpoint tenderness at the top of the pelvis or on the one side of the body is a telltale sign of lower back pain.

Dull Aching Pain
A dull, achy pain is a common symptom of chronic low back pain. It can be felt regardless of standing or lying down. The aching usually comes in episodes and may last from days to weeks. If the pain becomes progressive or severe, then the condition can become worse without medical attention.

Radiating Pain
Disc herniation can cause radiating pain to travel down the legs. When the discs are pushed out of their normal position, it can put pressure on the nerve roots. The discs serve as soft cushions in the back that aids in movement and responsible for shock absorption. This type of back condition radiates in other parts of the body which helps the doctor with making a diagnosis.

Muscle Spasms
A muscle spasm is a common symptom of chronic back pain. The muscles tend to get stressed and overused. This can lead to losing mobility, spasms, tightness, back pain and aching in the legs. If this condition is left untreated, then it could cause the muscles to weaken and increase the severity of the pain.

This condition can cause a variety of symptoms depending on the cause of the pain. Common symptoms are tingling and numbness in the lower extremities, inability to walk, weakness in the lower extremities, stomach pain, weight loss, joint pain and fever. Patients have to go through a physical examination before the doctor can diagnosis the condition.

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